Finally found someone who likes pajama sets as much as I do.
Anonymous asked:
heyy alexandra! i just wanted to say that i adore your blog and your instagram and you're such an inspiration and you seem so nice to me, i wish i could ever met you in real because i think you're a really lovely person and i wish you the best and that everything is going the way you want to, you deserve it! much love xx

You are the sweetest. Thank you. I wish you all the best as well. And if you are ever in New York, don’t be afraid to reach out—we could get lunch!

Anonymous asked:
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that you've really helped me introduce so much more veg and grains and fruit into my diet! You're meal plans and food ideas are bomb! And I now have a formula that's foolproof at meal times! Veg+grain+legume=delicious lunch or dinner! Who would've thought itd be that easy!! So thank you xx

Yay!!! Amazing. I’m so happy. Thank you so much for telling me!

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Anonymous asked:
Best hangover remedies? I have a play date that I can't cancel and I might vom. Thx.

Hi Sarah you’re a troll

Anonymous asked:
How are you spending your weekend? :) What time do you usually go to bed & wake up?

On Friday I went to a happy hour with my friends from work, then went home and we had people over and went out but I was tired to I went home kind of early. Then on Saturday I sat around for most of the morning, returned some clothes and bought more. Then went to Brooklyn to see my friend from work and went out with her and our other coworker and stayed over in Brooklyn. Which is where I am now because dragging my sorry self home seems like an impossible task. But once I get home I need to go grocery shopping, clean my room and do a bunch of other things to get ready for the week. Friday I went to bed at 12 or 1 I think and got up around 9:30 and last night I went to bed at some unspeakable hour and woke up around 9:30 as well.



Them be my knees
Anonymous asked:
Is eating a lot of banannas not that good for you because of the sugur and fat in it?

There is basically no fat in bananas. There is sugar, but it’s not like eating white sugar. My personal opinion is that fruit is always fine to eat, I don’t advocate eating unlimited amounts, but that’s just me :)


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carolinereesemusic asked:
So I've been loading up on the fruits and veggies and cutting down on meat for about a month and a half now and although my skin is still a frightening acne mess...I've noticed that my nails are so strong and growing so fast. I only notice cause my nails have to be short to play guitar. Do you hear about this as a thing that happens with better eating? ANYWAY just sharing have a gr8888 day xoxo

Hi! I love your messages. Everyone, this is my best friend Caroline. She’s really funny and messages me on tumblr even though we’re always texting anyway. 

I’m so proud of you! I love that you’re cooking and eating better, makes me so happy. I think your nails are definitely linked to your new eating habits, at least that they are growing faster. I’m not sure about them being stronger because nails are dead so the nails you have now might be, at least in part, there before you changed your eating habits. So maybe you would to wait until you have 100% post-change in eating nails. But then again, I know you have kind of really small mini-nails hahaha so it’s possible they have totally regenerated since you started eating better. I know with hair it can look better from eating well and it’s not like you have to wait for your hair to totally re-grow, but hair has oils and all of that and I feel like can be changed more than nails? I have no idea what I’m talking about really. I know hair and nails are dead, but like HOW dead? Whatever. Love you! 


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