Anonymous asked:
Can vegans have gluten? Someone told me today that if it has gluten it's not vegan. I don't believe them.

Yes of course vegans can have gluten! Veganism is about not consuming animals products. No animals products have gluten. 

Macro bowl with brown rice, sweet potato, kale, cucumber, avocado and pumpkin seeds
Work ready

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Anonymous asked:
Hi i was the anon about the paranoid eating and the thoughts and stuff. The thoughts come at very random times but mostly when im stressed or after i eat something unhealthy. Im trying to allow myself 'naughty' food so that i dont go insane and binge on them. Having everything in small amounts seems to help alot. Im nervous tonight because im going with my friend with this guys (good friend) house for a movienight and apparently he bought lots of food for it. I want to be able to eat it.

2 without feeling like im going to get really fat all of a sudden. I hope i can get through these thoughts. Tonight will definitely be a struggle for me and also because were going swimming in his pool. I dont want to ruin anyones night from being too anxious and not eating the food so im going to eat it.

Hi there - let me know how everything went with your friend. If you haven’t gone yet, take some deep breaths, I promise you you will not get fat all of a sudden, I promise it’s okay to eat unhealthy food sometimes, I promise you will not ruin someone’s evening even if you don’t want to eat that food. I think feeling anxious in these situations is one thing, and if eating certain foods makes you feel better about that, that’s great and possibly a way for you to find balance. But don’t worry too much about your friend or eating what he wants you to eat. Seriously, I say no to people offering me food all the time (not because I have amazing self control or anything…I don’t…but just because I have eaten ‘differently’ for awhile now) and people don’t get offended. Sometimes it’s inconvenient but it’s never a big deal. Maybe you could bring some of your own food to share like popcorn or maybe black bean dip with tortilla chips and veggies. Xx

Anonymous asked:
I have the back to school blues in the form of slipping into a sad cycle of terrible breakfasts due to lack of time and energy for creativity, (maaan I love the summer holidays). I am having oats and honey every single day - it's nice from time to time but I know it's not very nutritious!

Oh gosh I know. I’ve been so busy with work my lunches are the most depressing things and not an example of good healthy living. Well, today was good, but in general. Why don’t you add some fruit like bananas and strawberries to your oatmeal. Oatmeal is great. Or you could make a smoothie to go with your oatmeal. I make a smoothie for breakfast almost every morning — baby spinach, almond milk and frozen banana. If you keep frozen bananas on hand (peeled before frozen), this takes 5 minutes. Put the baby spinach and the almond milk in the blender first, blend until the spinach is totally blended then throw in your bananas. It helps if you break them up first. Easiest thing! And a great way to incorporate a ton of leafy greens to your diet. 

Anonymous asked:
How many bananas a day is too many? I ate 2 today.

There is no magic number. Two is fine! You could have more and that would be fine too.

Anonymous asked:
Hi im in a bit of a tricky situation. Lately i keep getting these scary thoughts that i should skip a meal or that i should go back to being paranoid and worried about everything i ate so that i can lose weight. Its really hard to keep pushing through these thoughts and i cant seem to get rid of them. I thought that i had gotten tid of all that bad thoughts and worries but they keep coming back :(

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. I think the reality of disordered eating, and mental illness as a whole is that it is really, really hard to learn how to work through these feelings and find ways to cope with them. My point is not that things will never get better, but that it’s totally okay and normal for feelings like this to come back, don’t be surprised or feel like all is lost. If you’ve managed to get to a good place in the past, you can do it again. Think about what else is going on in your life. Could stress be a trigger? Really reflect, don’t go into this thinking assuming nothing has changed, even if it feels like it hasn’t. The brain and body deal with change in a lot of different ways.

Please remember — skipping meals and restriction does not solve anything. Doing so only makes your body have a much time harder feeling better, coping with emotional stress or working through what you need to to figure this out. Food is the stuff of life, you cannot get through anything with out it. 

Be compassionate with yourself — know that it can and will get better, and don’t be afraid to message me at any time if you want to talk more, ok?

Anonymous asked:
Alexandra, I need your help! I have stomach aches and bloating problems since a couple of days and I don't know the cause. I didn't eat something special in the last time but I realized that I drank less water. What should I do know and what can I eat?

Ah I’m not sure! Definitely drink more water. Could be anything and will probably pass. If it happens again try to pay attention to everything that is going on, not just food — stress, water intake, etc. Feel better! xx

Simple kale, artichoke, sundried tomato pasta

Boil water, add pasta (I used corn pasta) and cook until done. Sauté low sodium artichoke hearts and garlic in a pan with a little water. Add sliced sundried tomatoes (not the kind that comes in oil). Sauté together until water has reduced a little. Add as much kale as you want and some lemon juice and sauté until kale is wilted. Add cooked pasta and mix all together. Add fresh cracked pepper and eat.

Not the healthiest of meals—corn pasta isn’t overflowing with nutrients and it could use more protein—but it took about 10 minutes to make and is much better than take out. Could add white beans for more protein. Lemon juice is a great option if you are trying to cut back on salt.

Anonymous asked:
Hey! You once said you buy dates off amazon, which brands would you recommend? x

I’ve only purchased dates from a brand called Sincerely Nuts. They have organic dates in large quantities, not too expensive for how much you get. 

Anonymous asked:
I am not a big fan of homemade granola, what are the other uses of almond milk (apart from pouring it over granola)? And are there any good smoothie bowl combos that you might want to share? x

Almond milk is good in smoothies, as a dairy alternative in things like sauces or mac and cheese (use unsweetened plain flavor). My favorite smoothie is spinach, banana and almond milk. Anything with banana as a base is good in my opinion! 

Anonymous asked:
What is so bad about eating fruit after cooked food? Like about 2-3 hours later? Why do we have to wait about 5 hours? What's fermentation and why is it made out to be so bad? Sorry for all the questions.

If your body can digest fruit after eating a cooked meal (you can digest and have no stomach pain or gas, etc.), I wouldn’t worry about any sort of hour rules. People who are concerned about fruit combining/food combining in general are focusing on achieving great/optimal digestion and are usually eating above average amounts of fruit so fruit combining is more important to them. I think melon is something to be eaten on its own, and I sometimes get stomach pain from having sweet fruits and acid fruits together (like banana and orange) but if your stomach feels fine, then your body is probably fine. As for fermentation, I will have to defer to someone else. I have heard that foods can ferment in your stomach (because cooked food takes longer for your body to digest/pass and fruit is much faster and therefore gets blocked by the cooked food eaten before fruit) but I have also heard that things cannot ferment in the stomach because of all the acid in there that creates a sterile environment (in which bacteria necessary for fermentation couldn’t exist). There is bacteria in the colon, but it takes food a pretty long time to get there so I’m not really sure if it matters when fruit is eaten. Look up fruit combining/food combining and do a little research, experiment and see how you feel! 

Anonymous asked:
If I've been restrictive in my eating the past few years (like less than ~1,500 cals per day) and I want to start being healthier by eating more, how much should I eat in a day? I have no clue and you seem really knowledgeable about it! Would I initially gain weight by doing so and then lose it/maintain once my metabolism catches up? Thank you so much:)

This is great that you’re trying to be less restrictive! Amazing news. I don’t have a magic calorie number that is the right amount for you. I’m not a nutritionist and I can only speak from my own experience (that’s important to remember!!) I think above 1,500 is a good benchmark to never drop below, but I would recommend more than that. It really depends on your body type, level of activity, etc. My rule of thumb is — is this enough food to give me energy to do everything I need to do for the day (school, work), have energy to do exercise, and go to sleep not feeling full? Why don’t you start at a place you feel comfortable and work up from there. If you have been restrictive in the past it might not feel comfortable (physically or emotionally) to increase calories dramatically overnight. As for weight gain, I can’t really say — that would depend on your body and how you adjust to this change. But don’t worry! And let it be okay to gain a little weight, sometimes that is your body trying to get a natural body weight at which is feels most comfortable. Make sure to have plenty of greens, whole grains, and some healthy fats like avocado. Good luck!